Nordictrack Commercial Studio Cycle Review

Cardio is one of the most important kinds of workouts. Especially when you want to stay in the best shape possible. Sure there are days when it’s weights, weights, and more weights.

Whether you are training for strength or endurance, cardio should not be neglected. It’s essential when you want to meet the fitness goals that you set. One good way to get your cardio is biking.

And that’s where the Nordictrack Commercial Studio Cycle comes in. This is an indoor bike that will be perfect for all of your cardio workouts. Even better, you don’t have to go to the gym to get it done.

This even allows you to use interactive features so you can get an intense workout every single time. If you are looking for a great bike with an instructor to virtually help you along the way, this might be exactly what you are looking for. You’ll be working up a sweat in no time with the Nordictrack Commercial Studio Cycle.

So how awesome is this indoor cycle? And what is it about it that will make it stand out better than the rest of the competition? Read on to learn more.

What Is The Nordictrack Commercial Studio Cycle?

The Nordictrack Commercial Studio Cycle is an indoor bike that might rival the Peleton indoor cycle bike. It does come with similar features compared to each other. One such feature is the interactive monitor.

Nordictrack Commercial Studio Cycle

You can play videos of interactive workouts that will be based on your level of difficulty. And you can get an intense workout each and every time. Follow the instructions and it will be like having a personal trainer in your corner.

Best of all, you can do your workouts all at home and not have to go anywhere for classes. In fact, you get a membership to iFit so you get more interactive workouts almost every single time. Why spend more at the gym when you can get your classes in an interactive online setting?

What Makes This Stand Out?

The Nordictrack Commercial Studio Cycle has plenty of awesome features. And they stand a head above shoulders over the competition. This could easily be one of the most popular bikes on the market thanks to its interactive abilities.

Nordictrack Commercial Studio Cycle

As mentioned, it has a monitor that you can use to follow along with interactive exercises. Those exercises are available through iFit, an interactive workout app featuring real live instructors helping you smash your fitness goals in every workout. You can choose a class based on levels of difficulty and be able to get through one class before moving on to the next.

The built-in monitor mount has a 360 swivel, so you can easily move it around. So you can follow the classes whether you are on the bike or off of it. It’s smooth moving and doesn’t require any kind of disassembly (or re-assembly).

Nordictrack Commercial Studio Cycle

Even if you don’t use the interactive workouts, you can still be able to get a good workout in. You can even keep track of your statistics so you have a good idea of how far you have ridden, how many calories you have burned, your speed, and so much more. If you are serious about crunching the numbers in order to adjust your fitness goals when needed, this bike could be exactly what you are looking for.

Whether you are losing weight or building endurance, there is no limit to what you can do with this indoor bike. You can use it for timed exercises, adjust the speed, and even the level of resistance. This bike might be the closest thing you can get to gym-quality.

Who Is This For?

This bike is for those who want to save money from expensive gym memberships. And it’s also great for those who would rather do home workouts. You’ll be saving yourself a lot of time and money with this cycle.

Nordictrack Commercial Studio Cycle

Since it has interactive features, you might like it for the thousands of workouts that you can access anytime. Why fight through traffic or spend a ton of money on classes when you can go straight home after work and hop on the bike? Did we mention that these classes can be accessed at any time during the day?

It’s a bike that is great for adults of all ages. Young or old, you will find a workout that will fit your comfort level, favorite settings, and so much more. You can go easy or go for something more challenging.

If your fitness goals include a toned body and better flexibility, this bike is perfect. Did we mention that some of the classes include “off the bike” lessons? That’s right, there are interactive workouts you can follow that don’t require you to use the bike.

You can do yoga workouts or cross-training workouts that will best fit you and your personal fitness goals. There is nothing more exciting than the idea of mixing it all up. It makes it fun and less predictable.


  • Thousands of interactive workouts that are available.
  • Easy to adjust screen.
  • Perfect for cardio workouts.
  • Seat can be adjusted for those who might be taller in height.
  • Great for full-body exercises.
  • Very comfortable seating.
  • Stable construction. Doesn’t wobble or move around.
  • A great alternative to running or outdoor biking


  • May be expensive for those looking for a budget option.
  • Not for “rhythm riders”.

What Could Improve?

Other than the price being the issue, there isn’t much to talk about as far as improvement is concerned. But one thing that might be worth the change is the ease of assembly. Some have complained that the assembly process is quite difficult.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a bike that is on the high-end, but can deliver excellent full-body results then the NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle might be the best option. With so many exercise choices at your disposal, the possibilities are endless.

You’ll have a workout program put together and you’ll be able to crush your fitness goals at any time. With interactive workouts available to you, you’ll have instructors that will push you through every goal and obstacle along the way. This is the cycle bike that will make you say “bye-bye” to the gym and hello to your own private workout studio.

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